Alternative Medication for a Sick Baby

When my baby first got sick, my husband and I were terrified. She had problems with her skin and would keep peeling. Sometimes she would scratch unintentionally and break the peeling skin. We got her to a doctor and were prescribed medication for her skin condition, but it wasn't until my aunt got us a Crane humidifier. After that, my baby's skin problems actually began to recover. Actually, my aunt worked as the head of sales at an electronic store.

I was very close to her and had called her a few times worrying about my baby. While she was studying the manuals and brochures of some new stock, she stumbled upon the crane humidifier. After some research, she found out that humidifiers were good for skin problems among others, so she brought one for my baby using her employee discount. 

Within the first week, my baby started to sleep easier and her skin looked much more moisturized. Coupled with the medication, she started to heal. It was a long process and took a lot of time but she is now seven years old and other than the occasional rash, her skin is as beautiful as should be.

How to Choose the Best One for Your Baby

"In general, a cool mist vaporizer or humidifier is preferred over a warm mist one because of the risk of your child getting accidentally burned. A cool mist humidifier can be especially helpful for kids that have croup.

Types of portable humidifiers include those that are ultrasonic, producing a cool mist by ultrasonic sound vibrations, or impeller humidifiers, which use a high-speed rotating disk or fan to make the mist. Both are known to disperse materials, such as microorganisms and minerals, from their water tanks into indoor air. Evaporative humidifiers, which use a fan to blow air through a wick or filter, do not..."

Especially for those who are searching for humidifiers for their children's room, I hope this article helps!