Our son is planning his 16th birthday party and he wanted to have it outdoors & organize it in our backyard to be precise. Earlier, my husband had offered to pay for the bill for whichever location our son chooses and so was surprised by our son's decision to have it at home.

I think, the fact that there was a pool and the house is also free to use are also some of his deciding factors. Meanwhile, I am busy looking at some portable air conditioner reviews as I wanted to purchase one. I would recommend you to read full information about portable air conditioner here. Trust me, the information provided there are really reliable.

With the weather these days, I think I better get at least one unit for my family. As it is removable, we could always keep it for our BBQ's parties. I am sure my parents would be supporting me as that's really a wonderful idea.

Every time my parents come by for family dinners, which by the way are more often held outdoors by the pool, they would complain about how warm it was and if only we had any air conditioner outdoor. Well, now we will be having one and I can't wait to invite them again.

Advantages of a Portable Air Conditioner


As opposed to the traditional window air conditioner, a portable one is easier to move from one place to another with the help of casters mounted to the unit, or wheels attached to the base. Being mobile, it can be used in a home office during the day and moved to the bedroom at night.

Easy Installation

What could be better if you can use a home appliance right out of the box? Well, a portable air conditioner will enable an extremely easy, hassle-free installation without any screws and other fixing materials. The only thing you have to do is create an exhaust vent for the condensed air to pass out of the room.


Portable air conditioners are smaller units and hence, cost less as compared to large window units and central air conditioning systems. Since they are available at cheaper rates, you don't have to cut down on your other expenses and can easily get one for your home..."